Room In The Roof by MMW Green Solutions Ltd.

Often largely untouched from the day they were constructed, not only do rooms in the roof provide a massive source of potential energy savings but they are also very difficult to keep warm in the winter and are uncomfortably warm in the summer.

The insulation of such rooms involves a combination of measures owing to the various details that make up the slopes, half height walls, eaves lofts and ceilings. Subject to HHCRO Benefits and Fuel Type . Subject to Survey. MMW reserve the Rights


In an uninsulated home, around 25% of its heat loss is through the roof area. By adding room in roof insulation to your attic space you can reduce your home heating costs. Room in roof insulation is designed to make an attic or loft comfortably warm and so is ideal if you intend to use your roof space as a liveable space. It is also a simple and cost-effective way of managing heat loss.


Room in roof insulation often requires cutting the flat ceiling so we can cross lay 300mm of wool. If a person cannot fit in the roof space to lay the wool, then we may overboard with a thermal laminate followed by resealing and skimming the point of entry. The sloping ceiling sections are also over boarded but using insulated plasterboard that is likewise finished with a plaster skim. Depending on the construction of your property, the upright walls will either be over boarded using insulated plasterboard or have an access point made into them so that we can fit 90mm Frametherm wool insulation to the back of the studs and tightly secure it with netting.

We use a variety of insulation methods to ensure we cover as many areas as possible with a waterproof barrier that stops rising warm air from escaping.


Room in the roof insulation Room in the roof insulation

MMW Also have access to Funding – Your fuel type must be Electric and Not Gas

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