Landlord Services by MMW Green Solutions Ltd.

Landlord ServicesIf the tenants at your property do not qualify for the RHI grant, they could still be eligible for Eco. This allows them to still have the energy efficient improvements made to the property without the requirement for any up front cost.
The Eco grant Scheme maybe available to your properties for those who are on certain Benefits. Allowing
your tenants to enjoy a far warmer property. Saving on utility bills (Energy saving trust Stats refers)
There are many advantages for the landlord, these include:
• Increases the value of your property
• Improves and maintains the condition of property
• Makes the property more attractive for potencial tenants
• Helps keep existing tenants happy
• Helps make you property more saleable
• All of our products and installations come with a guarantee
• Reduce your carbon footprint and do your part for the environment

If you’re a landlord and looking for ways in which you can reduce bills and increase the value of your properties contact our expert Green Deal advisors today