Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPS) by MMW

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPS) are designed with absorption in mind. The outdoor air is crucial to the effectiveness of this design and the concept makes it possible to store energy from this. This type of stored energy allows for heat to be created through radiators and water heaters. This form of efficiency is highly successful to financial stability thanks to the fact that it absorbs heat from the air. This is therefore a naturally renewable source. The concept does require electricity in order to complete its task but the renewable energy source of the air is the main ingredient to its success. It is because of this reason that this concept is considered a greater function to that of traditional heating systems.

Air Source Heat PumpsAir Source Heat Pump

The key benefits to implementing an Air Source Heat Pump system is that it will require extremely little maintenance in order to function effectively. It is because of this that the design has developed the nickname “fit and forget” which in itself is a major endorsement of its outstanding efficiency. The other major benefit is the renewability and energy efficiency created by its introduction into a home, especially when considering the financial and ecological positives.